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HiddennyHidden New York starts with 32 fascinating, little-known places in the Big City, meanders to hundreds more, and seasons all with history and first-person commentary. Based on many years of work by City Lore and Place Matters, its delights range from the Hua Mei Garden on the Lower East Side, where Chinese men meet to display exotic birds, to the Edison Hotel in Midtown, where magicians gather around the Magic Table; from the ‘stickball boulevard’ of the Bronx to the bungalows of Far Rockaway; to a classic piragua drink on an East Harlem sidewalk to the perfect bialy in Coney Island. Historian Mike Wallace says, “if you’re ready to venture off the trampled tourist path of statues, skyscrapers, malls and museums, this book’s for you.”

Hidden New York: A Guide to Places that Matter

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