roller toaster


I agree with apartment therapy, this is the coolest: Jaren Goh has created an innovative toaster design with the Rollertoaster.

(Via Core77)

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  1. How long does the bread take to toast? Does the front end of the toast get cool before the hind end is finished toasting? For those of us who insist on our toast piping hot, these are crucial questions. :-)

    While I’m here: Great blog! Thanks for your hard work.

  2. I bet it comes in handy for drying your socks too.

  3. But… what about bagels?

  4. Yeah, what about bagels?

  5. Hi everybody,
    I’m a design student at Politecnico di Milano, and I’ve got to design a toaster.
    So,what do you think a toaster could be?
    What are your wishes about the toaster?

    I’d like to know your opinions.

    Tank you,


  6. Doesnt that toast look perfectly buttered. Oh yea…what about bagels?

  7. where can i buy one?