30 second mini survey

I got an email from one of my readers the other day saying that ‘my blog cost him a lot of money, as his wife keeps buying stuff she sees on here‘. This made me wonder: Have you ever bought anything that I’ve pointed out here on swissmiss? If so, what was it? Write it below in a comment or email me! Oh, and also, would you mind to mention where you live? Thanks so much!

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  1. there are many things i would LIKE to buy but they are too expensive or not available to Australia – but I send many of your links to friends I know are interested in this and that.

  2. I bought some corduroy pouches from Sheila D as gifts, and I have stuff bookmarked in Google Reader to get later, let’s see:
    Slotted bookcase from Pottery Barn
    Petit Telephone from Anne Claire
    The Elephant Doorstop
    Hidden New York
    Wooden Rug
    Float Bed
    Floating shoe rack

  3. Yup, I’ve bought the Bon Appetit necktie: http://swissmiss.typepad.com/weblog/2006/10/bon_apptit.html

    Other stuff has generally been too expensive.

  4. I bought the Pottery Barn colour wheel: as PB only ship to the USA I had to lean on my lovely US blog-mates to do a swap. It was quite a farrago but I now sit with one on my desk at work. I’m in Brighton, UK.

    MUCH more expensive for me is babygadget.net.

  5. Did I read about the Gorillapod camera tripod here? Am off to buy that today. I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland but if I was in the US I would buy a lot more because of this site!

  6. I even bought swissmiss button badges. I would like to buy more, but as a poor student from Switzerland it is just not possible.

  7. Bottom line….You should be getting a commision for your work

  8. have been interested in many items on the site, and forwarded many on to the wife and others. no purchases just yet, but we’re always looking. really a great site.

  9. my wife wants to buy every single item on here. fortunately we don’t have the space. -BaCoCa

  10. i would buy stuff, if i wasn’t a poor student. but that will change soon. and then, yes, i will buy, probably too frequently. i’m in ottawa, ontario, canada. thanks for a great blog.

  11. Hi!
    I’m often tempted to buy,i admit.
    I’m reading your blog from Switzerland, the french-speaking part ( bei Genf ). I’m a german ex-pat, and it took my one year to understand what is a “stutz”, and several months of intensive training to pronounce “chuchechäschtli” correctly…

  12. Hi from Seattle, WA, USA!

    I’ve never bought anything but I bookmark anything that I think I could build. Maybe one day, I’ll get around to building something.

  13. Hi!

    I bought the Atomic Bonsai. I couldn’t help myself. My desk at work was looking so bland and having a eternal bonsai to sit by the window was just too tempting.

  14. Oh yeah, and I’m from San Diego.

  15. I don’t recall exactly what it was/which entry, but we bought something from Kid-O NYC after a post of yours…

  16. oops…I’m in Fort Worth, Texas…

  17. i’m from berlin and i was so excited when i saw the ice cube forms by lego on your blog that i had to buy them (the price was quite reasonable, too)! they make me very happy, thank you! :)

  18. Oh, right. Silly ol’ me. I keep forgetting stuff, like telling you I’m from Amsterdam

  19. I am from Vienna, though i was in Brussels last year (when I discovered your blog). I am actually a poor student so I can only dream about most of the stuff you show here, but I could not resist to buy the SCHLAUCH belt. Considering the price of those things I was having inner arguments for some months until I bought one of them but finally in a rush of greed I ordered one of them. And it is amazing, not only really beautiful but also the most comfortable belt i’ve ever worn! Thank you, btw, for all of your great work.