nutty squirrel


I remember noticing all the squirrels running around in my brooklyn neighborhood when I first moved here. I kept going "oh, look how cute, a squirrel!" and native new yorkers would look at me in disbelief. "You think squirrels are cute? They are just nicer looking rats!" I would hear them say constantly. In Switzerland, one grows up thinking these little furry friends are cute, and I am not going to shake that. That’s why, I give this Nutty Squirrel two swiss thumbs up.

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  1. I think it’s cute when newcomers to North America find squirrels cute :-P

  2. I’m with you, girl. I’ve lived in Wisconsin my whole life, so I’ve been around LOADS of squirrels my whole life. I still think they’re cute!

  3. I’m with BB. I’ve had squirrels around me my whole life, and have ALWAYS thought they were cute.

    I also think mice are painfully cute too…