Hoooray! Holidiscs!


I am thrilled beyond belief. I just got the Coudal Infrequent Mailing (Read Newsletter) and almost fell off my chair when I saw my name listed as one of the Holidisc’s Contest Winner! I am going to receive a complete Jewelboxing Studio (a $764 value <---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). In exchange, I'll have to keep an informal journal of my experience using the system. I am so excited, I need to bounce around my apartment now.

Boing. Boing. Boing.

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  1. BOING!! TINA! where do we get to see the result? (BOING!)

  2. I’ll make sure to post it here of course!

  3. congratulations busy artistic swissmissmommy!

  4. soooo coool! i’m excited with you :-)

  5. YIPPPEEEE! this is fantastic news and i cannot imagine a more deserving person. congrats T!!!