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The dual-function MultiPot Personal Electric Charger is the indispensable item for any owner of a cell phone, iPod or other rechargeable electronic device. Designed in the shape of a translucent bucket, the compact MultiPot solves the problem of messy recharging devices by socking away the electric cords in one easy-to-find and attractive spot. A 5-way multisocket is hidden in the lid where you store your gear, while the deeper base holds the tangle of unsightly cords. Doubling as an ambient LED light source that can gently illuminate a darkened room or shed a glow at night on your recharging cell phone, the MultiPot can cast light for 60,000 hours with a simple push of the button on the lid of the bucket.

The Multipot Personal Electric Charger is currently on ‘super sale’ at DWR. $98 instead of $238. I know, it’s still pricy but oh so cool. I get so annoyed by all the gadget-wiring in our apartment. …

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  1. I love this. It would make the energy-saving task of actually unplugging the damn things easier too.

    In our house, currently (ha!): one cell phone is charging under my desk, another one on the microwave, and the iPods are nestled on top of each other sandwich-style because we only have one charger for some unknown reason.