the graphic class ceiling


Michael Bierut’s write up about the Milton-Glaser’s-Foot-in-the-mouth-moment at the “The Art of the Book: Behind the Covers” event.

[Glaser said] that the reason there are so few female rock star graphic designers is that “women get pregnant, have children, go home and take care of their children. And those essential years that men are building their careers and becoming visible are basically denied to women who choose to be at home.” He continued: “Unless something very dramatic happens to the nature of the human experience then it’s never going to change.” About day care and nannies, he said, “None of them are good solutions.”

The crowd was silent except for a hiss or two and then Eggers piped up that he and his wife both work from home and share child care responsibilities — but added that maybe New York was different (although we don’t think Eggers really believes this). Then it was clear to everyone in the room that it was time to move on.

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  1. It might be very controversial for the guy to essentially say that women sacrifice their jobs to bare children but realistically its true.
    Design work seems to me to produce times when your working more hours then the day provides cutting short sleep in most cases in order to ensure a deadline is kept and revisions to work are made.
    Trying to balance bringing up a child with a permanent job is a hard task for anyone; attempting this whilst working 48 hours weeks is a hell of allot more difficult.
    As for day care and nannies, they’re both a fantastic way to throw the kids aside and continue building your career but meanwhile someone else is raising your kids.

    It’s an annoying predicament that women have faced for along time; my old lecturer was a lead designer in a large games company, till she had kids. She started lecturing to fit her work hours around the times her kids would be at home.

    Everyone wants to have the career the kids the mortgage, house and car. But maybe, just maybe, this isn’t always that simple to balance and women do choose the kids over the job.

  2. Yes, what a faux pas. Women often work from home nowadays and produce very high standard work! Heck, focus and concentration are easier to achieve in the quiet home setting. He made a huge mistake and totally forgot the power of independent home entrepreneurs I feel.


    Geoff Dodd
    Perth Australia