I January 2006 I posted about these really cool “World War II ” Poster that say: Keep Calm and Carry on. One of my readers, Lucas, was so smitten by them that he decided to reproduce them! If you are as thrilled about this as I am you are probably going to order a bunch. Right here..

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  1. I’m surprised at this – is the image not under copyright? As you noted at the time of your original post, it’s available through Barter Books in the UK (I bought five and gave them out as Christmas presents last year). I must admit though that the new colours are kind of nice, if perhaps not authentic.

  2. I love these, but the link isn’t working!

  3. Sorry, it’s working again now. Gorgeus colours!

  4. I love these, being an English person living in the USA, they remind me of home while still fitting in with my minalmalist ideal. They are so typical of the English attitude, they may even remind me to stay calm (unlikely) but they will make me smile. He’s selling out fast!