Floating bed anyone?


Want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud? Get a Fluttua Bed. (Very odd model that company chose… no?)

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  1. Oh no no no no… Cant imagine myself after drinking a little too much ;)

  2. That’s nice, even if I wonder how that bed would look with normal bedclothes and blankets hanging down.

    You may take a look at this project too, a really floating magnetic bed (http://www.universearchitecture.com) (it’s in the header far right).

  3. I like the choice of model. The guy has this Buddha pose and makes the image very memorable.

  4. I think the model is perfect for the thematic tie-in and the novelty factor. Would you have even posted it if it was just the prototypical model with pouty lips & great cheekbones lounging seductively? Nice website. Usually when you click on these you get the one picture of the product that you’ve already seen, a couple of couple of really rough development sketches (I guess to prove that they really designed it themselves) and an email address for more info.