handshakers? huggers? both cheeks?


new yorker cartoon

(My husband G can most certainly relate. In Switzerland we kiss three times on the cheek, in France sometimes even 4, and then to confuse things even more my German friends only do two…! The american ‘hugging’ business seems so much easier.)

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  1. In the UK we are still unsure what we should do. I can relate to that cartoon also.

  2. Here in portugal is pretty simple.

    2 kisses.

    1 kiss for rich wannabes.

    handshakes for people you dont or wont have a closer relation, like business etc…

  3. I just saw this cartoon recently, too! And I thought, how I miss handshaking, hugging or not knowing how many time or which cheek to kiss here in SF! People I have met here basically just do a verbal hello with no physical contact. The only single cheek kisses I get are from visiting New Yorkers!


  4. Here (Italy) we usually kiss twice, but I prefer handshaking….I spent some time in Zurich: I often missed the third kiss!!!

    btw, I loooove switzerland