swissmiss joins “The Deck”


I feel honored having been invited to join The Deck, a premier advertising network for creative, web and design professionals.

The sites that make up the network are A List Apart, Daring Fireball, 37signals,, Design Observer, The Morning News,, YayHooray!, Helvetica: The Film, Computerlove, Zeldman, Subtraction, Airbag, and Coudal Partners.

And moi.

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  1. Congrats Tina. It’s a relevant and tasteful integration. JC does his thang well.

  2. What a list! Congratulations, Tina.

  3. Congrats. Good to see that quality pays off. Hopefully you will be able to afford even more of the nice things you’re showing us everyday with the money from the deck.

  4. Congratulations! I always find your site informational and inspirational.

  5. that’s great news! your site is always inspiring and you deserve the recognition (not to mention the extra revenue!)

  6. Congratulations. I owned an advertising agency for over 20 years in the UK. Nothing like this happens over here as the agencies are all too suspicious of each other. The nearest is the Publicity Associations which are just an excuse for people to get pissed (drunk).

  7. congratulations dear tina!!!! you rock! xxxxx’s

  8. Way to go Tina! Those sites are now in some fine company.

  9. and to think i knew the swissmiss before the ;)

  10. I love swiss miss!

    sad about the introduction of ads though.