Ella Joy = 1



Yesterday, April 21st, was our daugther Ella’s first birthday. G and I were ridiculously excited for her big day. We organized a big bash, which in the end, yes, was more a party for us grown ups. I jokingly called it the “Yay, we survived the first year-party!”

I will now also remember this as the day when the cupcake-goddess in me awakened, as I made my first cupcakes ever.

It was an all around perfect day. And I am sure, all new parents can relate, one’s child first birthday is pretty darn special.

Life is good.

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  1. Oh! Your lucky little Ella. Gorgeous. :)

  2. what a cutie!
    + the cupcakes are cute too!

  3. That’s a great picture of your daughter.

  4. Woman – you bake, you design, you make beautiful babies – you rock!!!

  5. Congrats, and I too love the cupcakes :D

  6. gosh- that is a fancy cake-construction! very cute and sweet as your daughters smile is!

  7. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. the first birthday is truely special – but so are all the next ones too :)

  9. you made those cupcakes? you MADE those cupcakes??

  10. a beautiful cupcake arrangement for a beautiful child. hurray for year 1. best wishes for year 2!

  11. Sooo cuuute! Buon Compleanno, Ella!

  12. mmm cupcakes!

    Happy birthday, Ella :)

  13. Happy birthday Ella! what an amazing spread of cakes!

  14. yippeee! happy day, ella!

  15. Happy BDay Ella! How time flies! I remember starting browsing around your little swiss/ny_design_blog_world and just short after that, you became proud and loving parents!
    And now your toddler is One and you can make cupcakes! and delicious looking ones, too. :)
    All the best for you Three over there in the big Apple from Berlin!

  16. Happy Birthday to Ella! And you got one of the cupcake tree things – so cute how you set it up. Adorable!

  17. howdya do dum pic-picks? NICE!!!

  18. Hi!!!!
    Well… I just came accross your muffin cake… I´m a graphic and web designer too and my little girl was 2 last January 6th. Without having seen anything alike until now, I imagined a special muffin cake.
    Not everybody liked it tough, since it was not the traditional birthday cake.. I looooved it and my daughter, too. They were really tasty and beautifully covered with delicious white “merengue italiano”. Wish I could post a picture of it..
    It seems that we, designers, love making a difference in what we do.. and deslike boring things we see every day. I LOVE THAT!!!

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  21. That’s so cute!!!
    I wish I were a good cooker..
    Btw, can you tell me, where can we buy those little things with the cute pic of your Ella Joy?
    Thanks a lot!

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