stairway = storage


Stairs with built in drawers. Brilliant! (G, I let’s break through to our upstairs neighbor. We’ll have so much more storage! ha!)

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  1. OMG. That is SO cool.

  2. It’s one of those designs that make you think – why has no one thought of that before?

  3. Better still, why not have the steps as lids (that you lift up)?

    That way, you’d only need hinges. Drawers require a lot more ‘engineering’ and careful manufacturing/fitting.

  4. so simple but so amazing. i want to go home and start sawing open my 100 year old steps… or maybe not.

  5. Brilliant idea, the only problem at the moment is I’m living in a bottom floor flat but I’m sure they won’t mind upstairs!

  6. Love this idea – but how does one go about installing into pre-created stairs? It seems an impossibility unless it’s factored into the original housing plans.