questionable hotel rug patterns

I could just simply not believe how many DIFFERENT rug patterns there were at the hotel I was staying at in Atlanta. Whoever the interior designer was of the Marriott, I think his/her sense of style should be seriously questioned. Here are just a few of the patterns I got to enjoy – Questionable Hotel Rugs, a Flickr Set.

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  1. I still see these patterns when my eyes are closed.

  2. I’d buried them deep in my subconscious until I saw these pictures… Now I’m going to have to go through some therapy. Yie!

  3. The Marriott carpets also had me planning a collection of photos of bad hotel carpeting, little did I know that anyone else had the same thing in mind. Nicely done.

  4. To me, these look like Gustav Klimt hallucinations…

  5. inside gossip from an interior design studio…j.w. marriott is color blind. designers have to curb to his idea of a great color and pattern scheme. i think every marriott i’ve ever been to has been a sensory overload and overwhelmingly clashing!