LightWedge | a book light


While waiting for my plane to Atlanta last week, I noticed that the lady next to me was carrying an interesting looking reading light. I asked her about it and oh boy, she should become a spokesperson for the LightWedge. She couldn’t stop telling me *how much* she loved it. And, apparently having tried *every* other reading light out there, she kept saying over and over that the LightWedge is the winner. She was convncing, so I bought one for G (hello father’s day) and he put it to use last night. The LightWedge directs light onto the page you are reading, by being positioned right ontop of your page.

G gave it two thumbs up! Available at Amazon.

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  1. My husband and I use one of those. They’re great for a short while until they get scratched and then they’re pretty useless. :(