synergetic (swiss) kites


Active Synergetic Kites are soaring and gliding kites, loving indoor, zero or light wind conditions. These stearable, active ultra light single line zero wind kites are known as the the slow flyers among the light wind kites. They are made in Zurich, Switzerland. For more information visit

See them in action, quicktime movie.


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  1. Cool video, T. The kite in the video is actually a fighter kite rather than a delta kite, which is more or less the shape of the kite pictured above. I used to make paper kites based on the Indian fighter kite shape and still fly them occassionaly. They’re the kind that people in India fly on their rooftops regularly and during festivals. Fun stuff. Here’s a video showing their movement:

  2. the structure of the urban ninja kite in the movie is a derivative of the classic delta configuration with one main difference: the tensegrity spreader is not situated behind the back of the kite, but in front of. this and the low wing loading of about 75g/m2 enables synergetic kites to glide, to do flatspins and other moves without wind, because they maintain their dihedral without pull on the line.
    the furka movie: is showing the long glides and other moves of a flight in no wind.
    many greetings from switzerland