Skip Hop Playspot


Playspot by Skip Hop is a new soft surface playmat. They are made from soft EVA foam and the interlocking shapes allow to create a mat to your room’s dimensions. I am so glad to finally see an alternative to the primary colored alphabet playmats. Too bad Ella is already over this, otherwise I would have definitely pre-ordered a set at Amazon. (Shipping in early August.)

Skip Hop Playspot | $79 for 20-tile set at Amazon

(via coochicos)

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  1. oooo! I did a room for a toddler last summer (going on 3) who loved his foam floor (no alphabet- just color) as a surface to play on….but more importantly, the neighbors downstairs loved it even more (at least one room was BOOM! free)

  2. We bought this and it is so poorly designed. My ten month old takes it apart and tries to chew on it. Looks nice, I guess, if no baby is around.

  3. As far as I know they always take them apart. It’s part of the fun. :)

  4. yes and no, it bends, so the myriad parts never stay as flat as shown in the pretty marketing materials. and then all those parts take a lot of time to put back together — i recommed a pretty rug! much more practical and not another clean up nightmare for mommy…