Please meet Fred.


Two days ago, I met and bought Fred, a water bottle. I have been refilling ‘him’ since. I like Fred, yeah, I am a sucker for packaging. Fred even has a online magazine, it’s called fredspot.. Oh the stuff marketing people come up with these days.

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  1. I love Fred, I get Fred once a month. :)

  2. i love fred as well, AND…

    he has myspace! you can be fred’s “friend”

  3. o… yummy…. i’d love to have him in my handbag :D

  4. Hi. I love your blog, but this is not ecologically wise to drink bottled water or promote it. I absolutely love some of the bottled water designs out there, but it’s a shockingly huge waste of oil and water itself (takes 5x the amt of the water inside to produce the plastic) and afterwards, more than 80% of the bottles are trashed instead of recycled. Here’s a good site to get more information