Congratulations to Mister Wambach, who used to be one of my teachers at University of Applied Sciences in Munich, for wininng the Red Dot Design Award for his Artword Project:

»artword« – one makes two, that is the key to the basic principal, because the word “two” is already integrated within this artistic play on words. The play on words within words is, thereby, much more than a mere postcard collection. A philosophical thought is always behind topics such as human rights, politics, eroticism or wisdom. The artword collection that is kept within a practical box will inspire you to send off the 33 postcards: to your best friends, or even to your worst enemies. Due to the attractive appearance and distinctive design, the box is also an ideal gift for those who enjoy discovering their own interpretation, as well as for limbering up for the next lesson in English.

artword: »One box with 33 postcards, each of which reveals a double surprise.«

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  1. I can’t find an image to reproduce…but a musician whose work I admire, Anton Barbeau, used to design his CD covers under the name “artisterror.” Break that word up how you like… (The first one reminded me, obviously.)