Britney Spears’ New Product Stealing from mondonation and Charities


Britney Spears’s new fragrance, Britney Spears Believe will be out on counters in October, but is available for Pre-order online. The brand for this new fragrance is a complete rip of mondonation’s brand… Read the full story.

Stuff like this gets my blood boiling.

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  1. Very disturbing. It is possible, of course, that someone simply didn’t check to see if the logo was already out there. It’s possible that it was a mere coincidence. However, Elizabeth Arden, now being aware of the problem, will, with any luck, do the right thing.

    I used the link in the article to email Elizabeth Arden. Maybe if enough people do it, EA will withdraw and redesign the logo. Or compensate mondonation. Hard to tell. I would imagine that a perfume launch campaign is hard to turn around once it’s underway…

  2. As a graphic designer I can say that if you start from i believe, this is one of the ideas that many designers would come up with. The colors were more incriminating … until I realized that these really aren’t the colors used by Mondonation in their main logo.

  3. This video was posted on YouTube on October 24, 2006.

    00:22 – 00:23

    There is a banner made by kids with the pink “i”.

  4. This is hilarious… Britney just never quits. Great blog, I’ve bookmarked it and I’ll be back again!

  5. Hi britney continue your good attitude….i really love you being your fan….