How to Work Like the Masters

24 tips that help you work more efficiently: “How to Work Like the Masters“.

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Take creative breaks. There never seems to be enough time in the day to finish everything that needs to get done. If you really want to maximize your time, try using your break times to get done those other tiny unrelated tasks that have to be done throughout the day. Tasks like doing the dishes, watering plants, or anything else that removes yourself from behind the computer. In short: You can work non-stop, without getting burned out, and still get everything done on your todo list! Read More

Always look for new ways to get better at what you do. It might not seem to make a big difference, but small improvements add up over time. Continuously optimizing your work process is the key to becoming an expert. Read More

Control your worries. It’s easier to be productive when you are not worrying about things outside your control. Asking yourself a few useful questions can help you better focus on what you can control. Read more

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