kaboost : portable chair booster



Kaboost is a portable chair booster and fits most 4 legged chairs. Brilliant.

(Thank you Lori)

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  1. hi swissmisstina! if you want to win a kaboost, enter my kaboost giveaway.
    (i have 5 giveaways going + i finally add a email subscription link like you suggested)

  2. Nice blog! I will keep it in my linklist.

  3. If anyone likes : you can get 10% off at http://www.chulamama.com by putting “swissmiss” in the coupon code : Love this !!!

  4. but does the chair just sit on it or does it have notches? who’s to say your chair won’t slip off and dump your dear child on the floor? i don’t trust the design. i’d give it a 4 out of 10. i’d suggest, at the very least, notches to put the legs in. but still, it doesn’t appear to be a sturdy structure. is it going to be made out of plastic or metal? will it scratch the floor?