Netflix for Books!


Bookswim beta. Netflix for Books!

(via core77)

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  1. what ever happened to the library?

  2. The library is still a good resource, and it is free (through our tax dollars). NetFlix for Books is a great idea though. People are lazy and will pay for convenience. How great is it to come home to a book in the mail?!? There are long waitlists for just-released books at the library and the late fees do add up (can never seem to get my books back on time). Plus, libraries aren’t as cheerful as they used to be. For obvious reasons, they attract a lot of homeless people who camp out during the day, so it’s not a place to linger and browse the stacks.

  3. I like to keep my books. Unlike most movies I find myself referring to or coming back to books I have read time and time again. My wife and her colleagues are voracious readers and have an office pool of books that they all share- perhaps this service would be good for them.