swissmiss reader submission: what is design

David Ngo, a swissmiss reader, pointed me to a video he created, saying “this video attempts to serves as a humorous introduction to the world of Design”. The lips on the toaster did it for me. (grin)

Thanks David!

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  1. He’s like a hip Mr. Rogers.

  2. hahah. thanks! I loved watching Mr. Rogers growing up, so that’s quite the compliment. Thanks again Tina!

  3. Uhh, so great! Made me laugh loudly(!).

    Ever so great!

    But here’s a tough one : Who or what makes one a designer? And: What will the designers finally come up with? And wihy?

    I think the post I’m referring to poses the just right questions.

    I’m so relieved.

    Please go ahead with your investigations.