thingsmagazine stops and raises questions:

Taken from a things magazine blog entry on Wednesday, August 08, 2007:

And here we are again, see-sawing between producing long lists of ephemera, conjucture, opinions and collections, and then sitting back and thinking about what it all means. In all our years observing the evolution of the weblog, and the exponential growth in the amount of visual material that is being uploaded daily, it’s rare that anyone actually stops to decode what it all means. … …

The danger is that architectural arcana or academic enquiry is relegated to the same level as the ongoing tidal wave of objects and flippant scans, that essays on urbanism are lumped with kitsch flickr sets or scanned scrapbooks. Everything is flattened down to the same level, attention spans are eroded and nothing very much ends up being done. Instead, all that’s observed is the accelerating pace of creative activity. Objects, places, things, memes, everything boils down to data points on a graph, the decanting of shifting opinion into easily digestible forms.

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  1. I agree, but who really gets to decide which ideas are superior? I think that is what makes blogs so fantastic- no one has more power than anyone else. No need to find someone willing to publish you. It’s just a click away. Where will all of this lead? I can’t wait to find out. Any predictions?