calder style mobile?


Does anyone know where one can get this Calder Looking Mobile? (Secretly hoping it’s not a real calder) (via)

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  1. It does look to be pretty authentic… Up for making your own? Have a look here

  2. I’ve had my eye on these for quite a while:

  3. i saw these on etsy recently and thought they were pretty neat.

  4. hmm, it’s in a 25′ wide, 12,000sf townhouse on the Upper East Side which was gut renovated from a 10-apartment configuration into a single-family in 2004.

    So a $250k Calder would be a bargain. [And not just because they’re going for $1.5mm now.]

  5. Flensted! Those are paper, this looks like a real mobile.

  6. you can get them at the guggenheim…

  7. I’ve seen something similar in a small store in Hayes Valley in San Francisco..

  8. This company makes standard and custom designed Calder type mobiles