Ellsworth Kelly


Ellsworth Kelly | Blue Over Orange

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  1. This is NOT art. My six year ols brother could think up something better. It dosen’t even have any texture or arty about it. Monte’s work is good art not some crap artist who’s making millions by draing a shity colour block on a piece of shitty paper.

  2. emily, chill out. go read about minimalism and see the art in person before you mouth off. if you’ve given it a real shot and still don’t like it or think it’s art, that’s fine. but your uniformed ranting isn’t.

  3. The conceptualism of Ellsworth and Minimalism is more than Emily can wrap her head around

  4. This has something that brings you in and makes you wonder what was the artist thinking when he did this and why was he thinking about that Ellsworth Kelly was pretty good at what he did.

  5. it doesn’t matter if you CAN do something. It matters if you DID it before anyone else.

  6. emily you are a bore, how many million pleb’s have made your lazy comment.

  7. Ron, please don’t insult other readers. While I don’t agree with Emily, she has a right to voice her opinion.

  8. not every piece of Kelly’s may move you, but you should see it in person before you have a strong opinion.

    I saw his work today for the first time, and let me just say, the images are memorable. I can’t get one of them out of my head, kind of like a radio jingle.

    His work is extremely powerful.

  9. Terrific! I love his work. All ingenious is simple. Here is a question of intellectual development of viewers, not the artist!

  10. dear swiss miss, ron is my hero. to chastise him for chastising emily is to perpetuate a discord that became stale in the 1960’s.