flipping screen saver


An old-school flip clock as a screen saver available at: 9031.com.

(via wemadethis)

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  1. I downloaded this right away, hahahaha… it looks awesome!

  2. LOVE this. I’ve been looking for a new screensaver, so I hooked myself up pronto…

  3. this is my screensaver!

  4. oh man .. that’s a classic

    I do love a good clock screensaver — used that one for like a year …..

    now using polar clock in all its glory on every machine I touch

  5. hm, you might also like this one:
    http://mct.sbb.ch/mct/screensaver.htm – a classic clock, too

  6. Thanks in advance

  7. I love this, but I can’t seem to install on Snow Leopard :(

  8. Looks like an amazing clock! Sad, that it’s seems not to work on the new Mac OS X Snow Leopard :(

  9. LOL, i was going to email swiss miss and ask about the screensaver she had on her about page, good thing i read her blog…sweet

  10. seems like the site is down…just my luck

  11. having same prob with downloading to snow leopard. wha… want. really. bad.

  12. It won’t work with Vista Ultimate, either :o(

  13. hi! sorry to sound like a dunce, but how do I install this on a XP? I dunno’, but I really dig this screensaver if you could help! :)