Designed for small digital cameras, Klikk is the innovative alternative to a bulky, hard-to-carry tripod. It’s small and simple, and at the same time strong and easy to use. With Klikk you can finally be the star in your own photos! Set up your shot on Klikk, set your camera’s timer, and jump in front of the lens!

It’s been designed to be carried inside your camera case, or in the pouch that Klikk comesw it. What I like best (besides it being really small) is that it let’s you shoot from the ground, it’s only 1.2cm high. That should make for interesting angles….

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  1. Tina, this is totally unrelated to this post … but you’re the perfect person to ask. Are there any band, or music logos that you really admire?

  2. Not sure about this one especially in rough terrain. From my experience the gorillapod (http://www.joby.com/) is the best solution in this situation and the small one is not that much bigger.

  3. It’s a perfect gadget for a christmas gift!!!Small, light, and ready to go everywhere the camera goes. I ordered 3 Klikk for my best friends and 1 for me ;)