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I just discovered this intersting pagination slider on the bottom of this russian site. (No idea what it is about) Interesting!

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  1. Nice concept(instead of a calendar or archive).

    The site seems very good (judging from the photos ;)

  2. the front of the site is a blog-type thing that you can view without registering

    basically they collect all the cool links about photos/web design/videos/artsy stuff, sometimes there’s political links there too

  3. guys is community site to exchange different interesting things on internet.

    i’ll send them a link on this post, cheers from Russia.

  4. Hello folks! Friendship! Perestroyka! Peace!

  5. Freedom! Equity! Upyachka!

  6. Hi! I am the lepers! :)

  7. kofman – you`re leper. But we are lepers, thats right! is very good community, but there is another part of site, hidden from unregistered users – leprosorium (, some months ago – Thats the Site!!!
    Crevet from Russia, sorry 4 my english.