the hidden toblerone bear


I can’t believe I never noticed the hidden bear in the toblerone (matterhorn) mark.

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  1. it took me a few seconds but i found it :)
    its like the time someone pointed out theres a tiny little man with a world for a head on bic pens. cool bear though.

  2. soo-öppis!
    bei findet sich, dass der (berner) bär erst seit 2000 auf dem logo ist:

  3. oh, what a surprise? do they mean to do so or just a coincidence?

  4. Well, you’re not the only one. But now I wonder whether he’s always been there? Perhaps we didn’t notice because he wasn’t there.

  5. Reminds me of the hidden arrow in the FedEx Logo.

  6. Toblerone was produced in the middle of Berne, where now part of Berne’s university is located. Now, that we have neither the manifactury nor the bears in Berne, we can at least buy the chocolate in the store near by the campus :)

  7. Wow! I love hidden design elements like this. Is the bear a Swiss icon of some sort? I wonder if Tobler use the bear as a mascot in the rest of their branding — or maybe at some point in their history.

    Otherwise, it’s really bloody random. Probably some designer being cheeky.

    Then again, it could be completely unintentional, like those supposed Klansmen on the package for Marlboro cigarettes.

  8. This brings me to an ungoing unanswered question of mIne: What is the national swiss animal? I’ve been told they do not have one, but come to think of it… there is the chamoix, or ibex…?

  9. Definetly not random. There’s a bear climbing a mountain in 1920 package:

    …but pretty clever though. Haven’t noticed before :)

  10. What puzzles me about the photo isn’t the bear, even though I’ve only just discovered the sneaky bastard — it’s the “NEW”. How is Toblerone “NEW” ?? :-)