siamese chair


Siamese chair By Guy Brown

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  1. Dear swissmiss,

    I’ve loved to smile with you on your web discoveries… but I had, for the first time today, stopped smiling by setting “all read” in the swissmiss blog…cause i cannot read the profusion of posts these days…

    Maybe 5 posts a day (i know it would be a new task to select the 5 best posts you will publish) is a good compromise ?
    (and aficionados may use twitter ?)


  2. YannR

    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry you are not happy with the number of posts per day. It’s my philosophy (and pleasure) to keep my blog as fresh as possible. And no, I will not start restricting myself to a certain amount of posts a day. But, I’ll definitely bear in mind that some people may feel as you do.


  3. Funny, I’d rather have two dozen posts from Swissmiss than the current 40 from jezebel, engadget or (that’s an OR) gizmodo.

    Funnily, in spain “Aficionado” means “amateur”, “beginner” while in english it means almost the opposite. I almost took offense for liking Swissmiss’s posts :)

  4. the number of posts you make is up to you, swissmiss.

    yann (or anyone else) has no right to ask you or impose upon you any “compromise” due to his/her time restrictions in relation to reading your blog posts. to ask you to do such is rather demanding and selfish on their part.

    keep up the great work. :)

  5. The more the better! Keep ’em coming….

  6. Swissmiss…

    Keep the coming! Yours are always read before any other posts. I like the updates!

  7. It boggles my mind that a reader would actually complain about this to you. I wonder if s/he also tells a host things like “there were too many hors d’oeuvre choices and I couldn’t eat them all and it’s all your fault”. Seems we could use a Miss Manners for the blog reader community.

  8. i like how much you post too!

  9. It’s not quantity but quality that counts- and your blog has both!
    I am big fan and always look forward to new things here.
    It’s one of my favorites.
    I check back a lot and am always delighted to find new and interesting things.
    Please keep up the good work. All of it!

  10. In general I agree with the original comment in terms of general blog overload, but honestly, Tina, you are the exception to many blog rules in my estimation. I don’t recall a post of yours that wouldn’t have made a best of list. You always find stuff that I’ve not seen, and your posts are always top notch. I appreciate YANNR bringing the discussion to the table, as I am a bit overwhelmed with blog post options, especially as one considers so much redundantcy and redressed thanks to DIGG, etc. Thanks for Swissmiss. You are one of the original inspirations for my own blog.