Tolomeo Mega


I am drooling over the Tolomeo Mega. (Three lighting posts in one morning? I officially declare this day to be a ‘swissmiss lighting day”. )

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  1. yeah, i’ve been wanting one of those for the nook at the top of the stairs in my loft for a while. beautiful.

  2. We have it and LOVE it.

  3. We have it and LOVE it.

  4. We just got delivery of our today! I got the one with the grey shade… to match the other all aluminum Tolos we have at home. When you turn it on, the glow is soft and warm. Love it! It’s bigger than what it looks on the photos… some kind of a gentle monster. My wife didn’t like the cable managment for the last portion of the base. I don’t mind it that it’s outside the tube… it gives a certain “industrial look” to it. and for $495 that’s a good deal!