Behance Graphic Design Contest

Behance is having a Graphic Design contest to reward and highlight inspirational work by participants in the Behance Network. Three winning projects will be chosen based on number of votes received. Then a panel of expert judges will chose one grand prize winner to be awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

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  1. From what I saw, it isn’t spec work at all. Spec work is doing design for free that a company would normally pay you for. The work they are looking for can be any type of project that you have done recently or in the past, not something specifically done to brand Behance.

    It looks like they are just trying to promote their community site and magazine by asking for contributions. It’s pretty much the same as every online design zine out there, only they are actually providing a cash prize as well.

  2. Andy, this is not about spec work. And if it was, I wouldn’t post about it, as I agree, it’s evil.

  3. Just to be clear: The Behance Network hosts the portfolios of creative professionals. And these contests simply enable you to enter a project from your portfolio (stuff you have already done for yourself, for another client, or for fun) into a contest.

    This is NOT spec work.

    Behance is hoping to be a new platform for creative professionals to efficiently disseminate their work…and the contest is just a way to get the word out (and have a little fun).

  4. Hmmmm…According to the NO SPEC site, this contest is EXACTLY what Spec work is. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    I would visit the American Institute of Graphic arts and Graphic Artists Guild if I were you. They absolutely do NOT CONDONE this type of SPEC contest.