design*sponge eames rocker giveaway


Grace pinged me to let me know about the eames rocker giveaway she has going on on design*sponge right now.

I am starting to get slightly annoyed at all the current blog-giveaways. I mentioned my concern to Grace and she informed me that she only had one since 2006. I know she doesn’t have one often but other blogs seem to be giving stuff away on a daily basis. Isn’t it just cheap advertising? Or are blogs doing their readers a favor? What’s your point of view?

Anyway, if you dream of an Eames Rocker, enter!

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  1. I would’nt consider it as cheap advertising. I think it shows’ readers how much you appreciate them. Plus, it helps stores / bloggers get their name out there. :)

  2. I love Grace (and you, btw) so when it comes from sites I admire I’m cool with it. It’s always thoughtful cool stuff.

    It would sort of bother me if it became an every day thing though.

    But then again, who doesn’t love free stuff?

  3. i’m guilty of chronic giveaways.
    it starts slowly, but then it gets addicting to offer prizes you love from sponsors you love. i get a thrill when i can pass on something great to reader of my blog. i know it’s fun to win things + get them in the mail. i’m selective about the prizes + sponsors.

  4. Yes it’s cheap advertising, especially considering that they are giving away knock offs of the original
    Eames rocking chair (that’s why they are called Arm shell Rockers on

  5. I don’t consider it spamvertisement, as long as it’s done seldomly and does not annoy the uninterested reader. The sponsor has to suit the blog and the product has to be a cool one. The technique is also important: Only give them to people who genuinely achieved a noble goal you set. (Answering a tricky question, giving their opinion about something, finding a secret…) Don’t give it to the first X posters or somebody who linked to you. That’s truely cheap and lame, too.

    That all said, it’s fine if you are getting stuff to give that stuff away to your readers. Actively searching for each and every opportunity to get such stuff though can get annoying very fast.

  6. these are not Eames Rockers – they are made by a company that is not Herman Miller and are not licensed by HM. That said, I wouldn’t mind having one – I just don’t think they should be referred to as an Eames Rocker, because they aren’t.