for my swiss readers


(Seen on oo blogs,too, picture by habi)

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  1. Also I’m not a Swiss reader (from Germany) – great find!
    I heard a bit about the political fuss currently going on in Switzerland – guess your post just sums it up.

  2. LOL
    Sehr schön!
    Wobei ‘so ein Mist’ noch besser passen würde :-D

  3. oh, that is a brilliant finding!
    I just posted my voting and it is definitely not the above party!

  4. und was ist mit den deutschen Lesern – find’s trotzdem lustich ;)

  5. I have heard about the SVP party and what they stand for (at least the controversy about them) in the most recent Economist. Could someone translate the signs and put them into context?

  6. super! – merci!

  7. super! – merci!

  8. on the left: Endorse Blocher. Vote SVP. on the right: “That’s nonsense. (litterally translated: that’s cheese!)