Out Of Our Minds: Learning To Be Creative


Businesses everywhere are investing huge resources to make people more creative. Creativity and innovation are vital to the new knowledge economies in particular – and for all companies to keep pace with the dizzy speed of change. But why do adults need help to be creative? Most young children are buzzing with imagination. What happens to their creativity as they grow up? Why do so many adults think they’re not creative (and not very intelligent) and that other people are? What’s the real problem – and what should be done about it?

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, by Sir Ken Robinson. Just added it to my list of books ‘to be read’.

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  1. this is an excellent book; i’m sure you’ll love it.

    i had the pleasure of meeting Sir Ken Robinson in person, and he’s really a brilliant and inspiring person.

  2. I have really been focusing more and more on the lack of creativity in myself, my coworkers, around me. This book looks like a definite must read. Thanks!

  3. i have immediately bought this book after watching this video of ted talks last year, and find it brilliant. especially after having a baby 2 years ago, i have started to think about creativity again, and of course using the tips for myself rather then my daughter eva! babies hardly need it anyway, don’t they?

  4. Sir Ken is an amazing man – one of my greatest inspirations. Out of Our Minds is an absolute must read by all.