Parent and child dance shoes


Ever since fabulous Martina gave me the latest of her mixed CD’s Ella and I keep dancing around the living room. How much fun would it be to dance in these Parent and Child Dance Shoes?

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  1. Took me a second but yeah. I check out a lot of concepts but I can’t remember the last time I had such a strong mental image of their intended use. Too bad they’re just mock-ups becasue I’d buy a couple in a heartbeat.

  2. Wow

    O love this. I want one so I can dance with my daughter! (we already dance but she slips away from my feet.

  3. Oh yes – these are terrific and look like a lot of fun. Where can you buy these and what sizes do they come in?? Must be tough to stock these in the right sizes – two sizes to match!

  4. I loved them so much I posted them on my site. Where do you find theses things???
    Thanks Tina.

  5. very poetic!

  6. Oh, what parent hasnt done this with a child! Neat idea.

  7. the shoes were on sale in kiasma modern art museum in helsinki a few months back

    artists: aamu song and johan olin

    shoe page:

  8. You could order dancing shoes by sending order to
    [email protected]