Verdier Light Caravaning

Awesome car. Annoying music.

(via teamdustrial)

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  1. Yep.. annoying music, but I LOVE the van. My husband and I travelled around the country in an old lime green 1979 VW Westfalia after we were married. It was set up much the same way (no solar power though) and was a wonderful way to see a part of the world. Small enough for everything you could ever really need, not completely ugly like so many of the rvs, and charming as could be. I would love a modern (re: Reliable) version!

  2. The van/tent/wardrobe/kitchen/computer/2-story-freaking-house actually manifests its own relevance, considering the purchase of such an amazing concept with this wonderful feature surplus might require the selling of one’s home, possessions, and family. That way, it actually conforms you to efficient cross-country living simply by paying for it. They DID think of everything!

    Also, 33 seconds into it, I had serious Spaceballs flashbacks. One moment I’m basking in the genius behind this vehicle… the next moment I’m laugh-snorting, thinking about how Pizza the Hut “ate himself to death.” Not a proud moment.

  3. I love this, but I agree, the music might kill ya!

  4. ah che mwah cha acha acha mah!!!

    (rubs temples)