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Sprint shares smart tricks that will have you ‘wait less’ in your every day. Quick-peel a banana, 2 minute soda chill, Speed tie your shoe, Quick-peel an egg, and so on. Entertaining factor = high! (they should consider making the embedd code available)

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  1. I have to say, I watched each and every single one and the only one I won’t be trying is the turbo parking! I like this idea… though I can’t use sprint in Dublin!

  2. These are great – thanks for pointing these out. :)

    Also, the embed codes are available with Sprint’s associated Youtube account. You can find all the videos here:


  3. hi, I look at your blog all the time and am trying to locate an ‘active’ map of the US, indicating the historical rise and fall of real estate prices. The colors go from blue to red and get more intense, as the prices increase. I thought I must’ve seen it in your blog in Oct-Nov-Dec 2007, but can’t seem to locate it.
    Does it sound familiar? Can you please direct my enquiry?
    That aside, always enjoy what makes you look, smile, think, et al and forward your stuff to friends and family.
    thanks for a cool blog,