christmas tree upside down


Christmas Tree upside down. Made me laugh.

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  1. Where ya been? These are soooo 2004. Seriously, been around at least 3 years and mostly used by retailers to hang from the ceiling to save on floorspace created by trees.

  2. Plus, some people like them because it allows for more space at the bottom to stack more gifts and presents!

  3. Bz: following trends is sooooo 20004 :)
    hee hee, anyway i have never seem them before, then again, probably things in ireland have a 3 years delay :)

  4. haha… what a funny idea… i should try it out.

    all the best from switzerland!

  5. I saw one of these at Hobby Lobby and was a little taken aback. Not quite expecting it, but it was actually impressed.

  6. Those a just, um, odd. But I guess you could see the ornaments much better.