Petite Pattern Book – Japanese Style


I picked up one of these Petite Pattern Books over the weekend and am probably going to buy the entire Series. The book/disc features 140 creativity-inducing patterns. You can use them as backgrounds, screen-savers, wrapping paper, textiles, book covers, you name it. You can use any pattern as is, or change size and color to your liking. All are presented in EPS files for Illustrator and JPEG files. A fabulous little resource.

Petite Pattern Books, $23.48 at Amazon

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  1. Great find! Great price!

  2. omg. thank you! this would be perfect for those of us hobbyist..

  3. I just saw these at the Cooper-Hewitt gift shop on Sunday — I love them but the copyright information was a let down. If one isn’t allowed to republish any of the patterns or designs in any fashion, why bother including a disc? What are the rules here? And for the record the Scandinavian and Silohouette collections were my favorite!

  4. Funny… I bought the series this weekend too! They really are great books.