skitch | easy image sharing

Does anyone have an invite to skitch that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me? I’d love to give it a try. Thank you for the invite Eric L!

UPDATE: I have been playing around with this little app this afternoon and I am seriously impressed. What a fabulous tool! BUT, please, pleeeeeease do something about the branding. It’s so not representing the actual app.

Skitch = fabulous app but branding gone wrong.

(thank you Sean)

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  1. This comment troll would like an invite too.

    (applies dark sunglasses and cane)
    (holds out cup full of pencils)

    Help out a 49’er? Fell down the shaft…

  2. ‘Skeetch’ / ‘eemages’.
    Sorry we shouldn’t make fun of the Nu-Zuland (new zealand) accent ;-)

  3. How can I get an invite?

  4. I wouldn’t mind to have an invite ;)

  5. Haha, not sure if I d use it but about the brand I like they used my Romy font…. ok ok… I ll not be objetive. lol

  6. Just wondering, what in particular don’t you feel is right about the branding?

    I’d love to know, thanks! :)