swissmiss featured in ppaper magazine



YAY! Hello Taiwan! swissmiss was featured in the latest issue of ppaper, a taiwanese magazine. I don’t speak taiwanese so I don’t know what it says. Do you? Can you translate (click on the image above with the copy to get a bigger view)? Are they by any chance saying I am 30? That would be pretty funny!

Thank you ppaper magazine!

Oh, and by the way, I provided them with a high-res screenshot of swissmiss but they went ahead and made a collage of some random photos I posted. I feel terrible for all the artists that haven’t been given proper credit. I apologize and want to stress that I didn’t know about this beforehand.

UPDATE: Joseph had a co-worker translate it for me. Thank you so much:

This person is a 2-D(graphic) designer Tina Roth. She started her blog in 2OO5. She collects fresh related designs for her blog. Almost average 3OO,OOO visitors to her blog a month. The update is fast and full of different topics: graphics, furniture, fonts, construction (architecture) to gift design. The most interesting is she provides a view of a European in New York City with comments invited from viewers to be published. It is a view from outsiders to get influence from around the world.

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  1. congratualtions!

    btw: i am just about to translate, but Joseph did a nice job. :)

  2. One of my favourite magazines. Congrats. You would love their store.

  3. How coincidence. I am finish reading that issue of the PPAPER magazine before get on your page and seeing this before sending you e-mail! Friend of mine brought me a copy from Taiwan. You Rock!!

    Curiously, how they get connect to you?!

  4. hello ,i’m a Taiwaness.I glances over your blog every day since I bought this magazine.Your blog is so cool.

  5. im here because i read that magazine…
    and i think you blog is awesome!!!!

  6. im here because i read that magazine…
    and i think you blog is awesome!!!!