tennis ball wallet


What do you do with old tennis balls ?? Ask Refinding , they’ll make a wallet out of it.

(via ecofriend)

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  1. hello,
    i think the idea of recycling is very authentic, using an old ball instead of it polluting the earth is a good deed, to be honoured, but pricing a dumped objet that’s been recycled more expensive than it was originally is crap to me, sorry, and after that 65$ item is worn out you will dump it too or make a ball with it? i don’t know, it doesn’t sound ok.

  2. Being a keen student of the worn, dog-slobbered variety of used tennis ball, I think this product is more of the “Air Kong” variety, made from tennis ball fabric rather than an old tennis ball itself. Like – there should be a seam showing in something the size of a wallet. Faux recycling, IMO (and keep well away from dogs with that thing, the smell will draw them for miles!)