toilet paper typography


Toilet Paper Typography

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  1. It’s great that typographic experiments… There are no matter impossible to build type designs! Congratulations for the blog.

  2. I can’t say I like it from an aesthetical point of view, but I find it useful :-)

  3. Thank you for posting this.
    I accidentally came across it when googling “typography” for inspiration.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see something I had made. Its crappy but I forgot the other names of the people who I did this workshop with. I hope they discover it too.

  4. what a great post!
    i also accidentally stumbled upon this site after googling up typographic illustrations, for design education (i’m studying graphic design) and i must honestly say this is quite unique, and a very different way to visit the toilet! this sort of idea would be very inspirational in the art gallery of western australia and some of the surrounding design colleges where i study. fresh inspiration appreciated and good photo positioning.