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A big thank you to Fontwerk for sponsoring my blog this week.

The brand new typeface by Daniel Perraudin is a compelling mix of conciseness and pragmatism. West follows in the geometric sans serif tradition, yet it achieves independence and its own distinct character. West has a simple yet sophisticated formula: visually similar forms do not repeat.

Bold, distinct and original — it’s perfect for branding, wayfinding and editorial projects.

Download free trial fonts on fontwerk.com (includes variable fonts).

Orange Peel Type Explorations

Loving these type explorations by Manfred Westreicher.

(via Chris)

Modern Soft Magnetic Letters

I bought some soft magnetic letters for our office door and the fun we’re having! So simple! So fun! Best business expense besides our bubble machine, confetti drawer and swing.

I Don’t Know

Love this painting by Wayne White.

A Month of Type

This is mesmerizing.

An Alphabet Made of New York City Trees

Artist Katie Holten created a New York City Tree Alphabet. Lovely.

Times Newer Roman

I wish I had this typeface when I was at university: Times Newer Roman looks like a teacher-approved font, but it actually lets you cheat on your paper, as this typeface runs bigger than the regular Times Roman.

Baker Menu

I don’t own a bakery, but I still want the Bakers Menu Lettering System.

Listen To Your Heart

I can’t wait until Secret Holiday has this banner back in stock. Definitely a message I wish I would have had hanging in my house a few years ago. And now.

Joey Bearbower

Love these creative lettering pieces by Joey Bearbower.

Transform your Handwriting into a Font

Calligraphr helps you transform your handwriting into a font: Fill out the form, get a handwritten font. Easy as that.

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Draw With Type: Weird Type

Zach Lieberman and his wife Molmol Kuo created an iOS app that lets you draw with type, it’s appropriately called Weird Type. Type floating in space makes my heart go pitter patter.


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Variable Fonts

In this article over on printmag Dan Rhatigan tell us everything we needed to know about Variable Fonts, which are still in the early days of conception, but that isn’t stopping people from experimenting and pushing the boundaries.

Paper Lettering

Sabeena Karnik

How stunning is this paper lettering by Sabeena Karnik?

Intricate Letters Hand-Cut from Paper


How incredibly stunning is this hand-cut paper by Annie Vought?

Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up

Love this t-shirt designed by Kyle Scheele. Also available as a print.

Make Your Own Font in Illustrator

Fontself lets you easily make your own font in Illustrator. Something I want to show my 10 year old…

Legible Graffiti


Mathieu Tremblin paints over Graffiti to make it legible. This made the graphic designer in me chuckle.

(via Chris Glass)

Hand Painted Found Items

puns on old objectspuns on old objects

Loving this series of handpainted found items by Dirty Bandit. Long live puns!

Wall Typography

street typography

If you like type and bold colors you’ll love this Instagram account.

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Interesting: Prototypo is a parameter-based font generator.

(Thanks Jenny!)



Acumin looks fantastic. Definitely going to use it for a project.

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Fonts In Use

Fonts In Use

Typography nerds, listen up! Fonts In Use is a public archive of typography indexed by typeface, format, and industry. Learn how you can contribute to the archive.

I love this!

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