Our family got elfed.


Look what the holidays are doing to us: We got elfed.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I about peed in my pants! I have to say, Ella really has the moves and you seemed a bit off beat. :-)

  2. and gary is the smallest. hehe. cuteness.

  3. you guys look dumb this wasnt funny at all. i cried in boredum. its so funny how DUMB people can be you guys suck. GIVE ME MONEY TO TAKE A SHOWER!!! cuz i am a hobo and i live underneath wal mart and i have nothing else better to do than comment this dumb thing with these retarted elf dancing things, eat cheese

  4. i agree with the hobo!
    eat SMELLY cheese!!!!
    this was very unattrative
    eat cheese
    this made me have nightmares.
    eat cheese
    this made me vomet chunks all over my ma.
    eat cheese once more.
    turds smell