taking knitting to extremes; flocks poufs



Flocks Poufs take knitting to extremes. Using extra-large knitting needles produced specifically for her enterprise, Christien Meindertsma’s Flocks Pouf (2006) is hand knit using strong wool from New Zealand crossbred sheep. The pouf is available in two sizes (medium: light grey, large: dark grey) to accommodate use as a seat, occasional table, ottoman or even as a purely organic sculpture. Hand knit in the Netherlands. Crazy dutch people. Hat tip!

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  1. “crazy Dutch people!” heh, so true. the whole place is crazy, and a good thing, too.

  2. people ask what would you do if you won the lottery…my response is I would buy stufflike this. LOL

  3. Amazing that she doesn’t knit her iPod’s headphone cord into the middle of that thing!

  4. Silly. (And I knit, too). There must be an easier way to produce the same product!

  5. I’ll take it as a complement “crazy dutch people” as I like the poufs a lot!

    Regards from a dutchy living in DK

  6. I bet she’ll have RSI afterwards ;-)
    Cybèle (another Dutchy but living in the UK)

  7. What are the dimensions of the finished products? Very interesting!

  8. Cool stuff! =D and I like your blog. <3

  9. LOVE IT

  10. So is she knitting Continental or English? i can’t tell.

  11. I wonder what ‘size’ needles those are? and where the yarn is from?

  12. amei, me ensina ??
    que lã a gente usa?

  13. ¡I love it!

    Kari :D