Gala Colette | Photographer




“Fille unique” self-portraits, 2006 by Gala Colette.

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  1. ooh very cool. i love the dark feeling of these….she seems a little lost and scared. gorgeous.

  2. So fairy tale and wonderful! Reminds me of a fairy friend I know.

  3. Ooh, pretty! These pretty much look like all of my fairytale fantasies! (Shelly – thanks for sending me the link!)

  4. You’re welcome, Jessica, be sure to check Miss Gala’s other photos at the site linked by The lovely Miss that is Swiss above. There’s more in there that you’ll enjoy. The forest is particularly inspiring for Halfland. Holy Cow.

  5. these are stunning photos, it really makes you appreciate how small we are compared to the big wide world and mother nature